Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bricks - in progress, part 2

Painting in progress by Troy ThomasA little bit more paint was added to the canvas. The white block to the right of the reddish block will be done in the same color shades. The bottom block will be done with blue and white paints.
Painting in progress by Troy ThomasHere is a picture of my current work area. Also on the table, I work on mail art and ATCs - some of which can be seen in this picture.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bricks - in progress

I have finally started applying paint to my 24" x 36" canvas. First I started by painting the sides of the canvas black.

On the front of the canvas, I sketched out a rough design of the way I wanted the "bricks" to be layed out. Next I painted black around the "bricks" with a basic acrylic paint.

After it was dry, I then added color to the top three "bricks". I had white paint in one part of the palette and green in another part. I dipped my paint brush in one color, then the other, before putting it on the canvas. With some of the paint mixing at different levels and some not mixing at all, it gave me several shades from white to green.

I plan on using the same method for the rest of the bricks, but with different colors. Hopefully I can get to it soon, depending on what hapens with the current hurricane (Rita) path and my work schedule because of the hurricane.

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